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Guest house CamCam Okinawa
2-20-12 Kumoji Naha Okinawa, postal code900-0015

By Yui rail from Naha airport

Miebashi stathion, the 7th stop from Naha airport station on
Yui rail.
Walk toward Route58. Walk about 100m alongside the river,
you will see Naha Kumoji post office on your left.
Turn left at the post office.
You will find Guest house CamCam Okinawa right there.
If you are not confident about the direction, call us from
Miebashi station. We will be there in a minute!!
[Time : 14min. Fee : 300yen]

Bus from Naha airport

Take bus #120 or #99 in front of Domestic terminal.
(#99 takes about 18minutes and #120 takes about 30minutes
to your destination.)
Get off the bus at "Wakamatsu iriguchi". It is about 5mintes walk
from the bus stop.
[Time : 18~30min. Fee : 230yen]

Taxi from Naha airport

Ask the driver to go toward Miebashi station on Yui rail.
(Ask the driver to tune in to FM89.1 if you want to listent to
radio program from U.S. base.)
[Time : 10~15min. Charge : 1,000yen]

Rental car from Naha airport

Most of cars are equiped with navigation system.
Set the following address:
Nahashi Kumoji 2-20-12
(You might have to input in Japanese so please ask
a car-rent agent.)
Please call us if you got lost.