20s and 30s support campaign!
The more you stay, the cheaper it will be!
15,000 yen per month for those moving in by the end of September!

★ Applied only to people in their 20's and 30's! First month (30 days) JPY 30,000 → JPY 15,000!
★ If you extend, the 2nd month (30 days) will be JPY 27,000, 10% off from the original charge.
★ In case of further extension, it will be 10% off from ¥27,000 for the third month (30th days) JPY 24,300
★ For new applications only from this official website, please enter "20s and 30s support campaign" in the remarks section of the reservation form.

For your Study-in-Japan.
Very suitable for international students who are going to study in Japan. With many other people, it is hard to feel home sick. Very affordable rent for a young student. You can ask your house mates if you have any questions about life in Okinawa Japan.